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انا والطبخ عشق لا ينتهي

Cooking, my endless passion

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Hi, I’m Holly!

Growing up, my life centered around food, cooking, and long family meals. Cooking has become one of the things I enjoy the most and take the most pride in. It is how I share my love.

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life collecting recipes. Recently I’ve been developing my own recipes and I’m ready to share them with the world!

One of my favorite cuisines is Middle Eastern food. I did my bachelors in Arabic language and had the privillege to travel to Egypt and Morocco. Officially I was there to study Arabic, but my true goal in traveling was to to try allllll the food! I stayed with a family while I was in Morocco and my host mom was so happy that I wanted to help cook and learn from her.

I’ll be sharing a few of the moroccan staples my host mom taught me. Also, I’ll be translating some of my favorite Arabic recipes that I’ve found online and feel that the English-speaking world should know about!

In this blog I hope to provide fun and flavor filled dishes. Some are quick and simple, others are more labor intensive, but all of them are worth the time! I hope I can encourage you to try some of the more involved dishes. They were intimidating to me too attempted them. But hopefully I can break down the steps to the point that they look doable. My biggest advice is to set aside a chunk of time to cook so you can take your time and really enjoy it.

Happy cooking! 🙂